Heyy all of you out there, hope your all doing great. I’m finally settled in from holidays and got my daughter all set for school :/ Always feel sad when she starts back, as I miss her so much and summer passes too quickly. Anyway I have a bit more time now to catch up on all blog posts I wish to do.

I’m going to start with the Fab Malta event I had attended a few weeks ago. I know a bit late but, who has been following me knows that I was on holiday, so I had no time to do any blog posts.

I have been following Fab Malta for a while now. I see a lot of there amazing collection on there page, plus I have been seeing a few of there adverts that is how I got to know about them. The brands of clothing they get are amazing, definitely worth having a look. What I love about them also is,they only get a few of the same items πŸ™‚ and that’s always better!

I was super excited when I was invited to one of there events recently at Movida beach lido. What Fab Malta is about exactly is, a multi brand online platform, introducing new brands to our fashion market. I got to meet the lovely Gemma, the person who is behind all this and she does a great job at it, I was impressed how well organized it was. What I liked about event also is, that there was our local designers there with there individual pop-up shop and that made it even better.

Going to show you some pics, so you can have a better idea of what there was πŸ˜‰

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Was a great evening, and loads of lovely things to buy. First pic is my outfit of the evening πŸ˜‰ I had already shown you all, couldn’t wait to wear this amazing top by Parascandalo. Also the lovely Marco was there, with his great brand called Parascandalo and some of his cool new collection. Have few of his stuff and I love them. Managed to get a diamond bum bag πŸ™‚ that I have had my eye on for a while YaY. I also loved the cute clothes of Gaia and Nina, which also is a clothing brand for kids, soo cute. Another fav of mine was the Eclecticist stall which had really lovely boho bags.

Was a really great evening got to meet some amazing people, also met the gorgeous Sarah Zerafa. She is the sweetest, loved the bit of time I spent talking with her, and hope I will meet her again soon. She is simply amazing.Β  Here are few pics πŸ˜‰

I know I already said this, but was a really great evening and organized really well. Would love to attend another Fab Malta event soon! And thanks again to Fab Malta for inviting me πŸ˜‰

Here is a pic of my cool bling Parascandalo bum bag πŸ™‚


Don’t forget to check out Fab Malta page the see there amazing collection of brands.

Hope you all enjoyed this blog post and found it useful for yourselves. I have loads more planned to show you all πŸ™‚ Thanks to all of you that follow me and take the time to read my blog posts. Talk to you all very soon.. Much love!