Hey everyone, hope your all doing great! It’s me again with another blog post 😉 So quick i know hehe!!! I know i had done a video clip of this amazing dress by Nilara Retail, but i came across some pictures the other day,  that i would love you all to see.  And you could get a better look at this stunning dress and it’s amazing details.

I had seen some of Nilara’s talented work in the past, and loved most of her amazing designs. So i was delighted when i was invited to Nilara Retail boutique, to view all these stunning dresses and also had the opportunity to wear one.

So here are some of the pics of this stunning Nilara dress!!

I don’t usually go for black in the summer, but this dress was something else, so original and different. And i wore it for an evening wedding so it was perfect. Love all the front details and the back is all done so well, but my most favorite thing in this dress, is the hood it makes it look so original and different.

Also i am surely not going to forget, the amazing staff at Nilara Retail that helped me pick out the perfect dress for me, they are all so sweet and helpful, plus i met my lovely friend Trudy, which i hadn’t seen for years so that was great to see her again. She is one of my old time special friends. I also want to thank Janelle for all your help, and for believing in me.

Here are a few more pics of the back of the dress 😉


I truly felt amazing in this dress, i love it. Thank you Nilara Retail for making me feel like a true princess in this stunning dress. Well done for your amazing work, and for giving me the opportunity and believing in me. I’m excited for more of your amazing designs.

Want to also say a big thank you to McMifsud Photography for these amazing shots. Great work!! Your one of a kind 😉


Hope you enjoyed this blog post, and was useful for you. And for those of you that maybe don’t know where Nilara Retail is, it’s situated in Main Street Shopping Complex Paola.

Thank you to all you lovely people out there, that take the time to read my blog posts, means a lot to me.

Talk to you all very soon!

Much love to you all xxx