Hi all you lovely people out there, hope your all doing great!                                                       I’m back with a new blog post, and will keep it short this time… Usually will have a lot to tell you all and show you, that’s why they always end up being long 😉

Wanted to show you all, how you could wear same items of clothing with different items, and make your outfit look different every time.

Going to show you a few ideas in some outfits I wore the same but changed them a bit each time 🙂

Here are two ways i wore the same bodysuit which i got from Zara.

If you have been following me i’m sure you have seen one of these pics 🙂                               One of them i wore with white jeans, From Stradivarius  Orange heels & Bag Which are both from Zara Also (i know i’m a Zara addict:@) And second choice, i decided to wear it a bit more casual, with an orange skorts i got a while back now from River Island, my Guess flat sandals & Dune bag which i had got from Debenhams Malta and i love it. I’m sure you have also seen this bag with a few different outfits i wore 🙂

Next is another skorts which i love also, and i wore it with few different tops and looks nice and different each time 😉

IMG_2593[1]IMG_2122[1]Daniela Micallef _0088

Here are three ways i wore the same skorts 😉 I decided to do them bigger so you could see them better. The first one is a very recent one i wore. The crop top is a recent purchase also and i got it from Pull & Bear Malta. Skorts are from Zara. And shoes and bag are same as ones before 😉 Second pic i’m with my gorgeous cousin Chloe Hanmore, this was when she was here in Malta a few weeks ago. Wore same skorts but with a white top instead, which i had got from H&M and same Guess sandals & my orange Zara bag. And third pic you have also seen before 🙂 i wore it with a mustard bodysuit i had got from Zara and same heels.

Next is same ginham shorts i wore differently!

IMG_1475[1]Daniela Micallef20180428_0022

I love gingham, these cute shorts i got last year from Zara. In first pic i wore it with a red body suit which is also from Zara and my Armani trainers & my Moschino bag. In Second pic i wore it with a polka dot body suit and silver bluchers both from Zara :))

I thought this post would be interesting to do, as you can wear the same thing twice 🙂 and can look great and different each time. And i thought i could give you a few ideas. Changing shoes and accessories makes a big difference in my opinion 😉 I like to wear somethings more than others at times 🙂 depends on my mood.

Was meant to keep this really short i know but wanted to show you few different choices. I might keep doing post like these to show you some other different ideas you all could wear with same things you have.

I am happy to help you match items together if you wish, i have been contacted in past from you lovely people asking me to help you, and that means so much to me.

Thank you so much for following me and all the support i am getting i appreciate this soo much.

Thank you McMifsud Photography for few of these amazing pictures.

Talk to you all very soon… #kissesforyou