Hi All Of You Lovely People Out There, Hope You All Doing Fine!!

So I Decided To Do Another Short Blog Post This Time With My Lovely Daughter Kaylee. As I Told You Before Trying To Keep My Blog Posts A Little Shorter (Try To) Ha ha, As I Have Loads Of Different Stuff I Wish To Share With You, So I Would Rather Do Them Shorter And More Regularly 😉 Anyways It Always Depends On What I’m Talking About As I Do Say A Lot More In Different Blog Posts I Do, It Depends…

As I Told You In My Other Blog Posts I Did A Photo Shoot With My Daughter, I Did It As Her Birthday Was Coming Up And I Wanted To Take Some Special And Memorable Pictures, As My Little Baby Girl Is Not So Little Anymore :/ Can’t Believe She Is Already Nine Years Old. Time Passes By So Quick You Don’t Even Notice It Happening.

Thanks To My Great Photographer McMifsud Photography We Managed To Take Some Amazing Pictures That I Will Treasure Forever. When I Started My Blog In The Very Beginning I Used To Put Kay On A Lot To Show Her Outfits. As I Also Love Kids Clothes (I’m Terrible I Know 🙂 But She Is Really Not A Type To Sit And Take Pics Kay Is Such A Free Spirit You Never Know What She Is Going To Do Next And I Adore Her For That Even Tough She Drives Me Crazy On Most Days :*) So If She Doesn’t Like It I Don’t Make Her Do It That’s For Sure.. But She Really Enjoyed This Shoot As I Tried To Make It As Fun As Possible For Her

Today Just Going To Show You Few Different Pics But Of The Same Outfits That Way I Can Talk A Bit More In Detail And Blog Won’t Come So Long Think It’s Better This Way 😉

Daniela Micallef _0070

Girls In Red 🙂 Loved These Outfits And Picture. I Like Styling Me And Kay In The Same Outfits Or Colors Sometimes … I Think Most Mummies Do This Now It’s Nothing New 😉

Our Outfits Are From:-  Kaylee *  Matching Shorts And Top Set From Next Kids                                                                                  Bag From Zara Kids                                                                                                                                Pumps From H&M Kids                                                                                                         Daniela* Dress From Zara                                                                                                                                      Heels From River Island

Daniela Micallef _0073

I Know Kay Is A Bit Fuller In Size So Not Always Easy To Find Her Clothes. Kay From A Baby Has Always Been Tall (Like Her Daddy) And Looks Bigger Then Her Age. But Also She Likes To Eat And I Try My Very Best To Cook Healthy Everyday Problem Is She Doesn’t Like So Many Stuff It Makes It Hard For Me On Most Days As I Like Her To Eat Healthy. But Sometimes Having Fuller Kids Doesn’t Always Mean You Don’t Feed Them Right Its Just How They Are. I Was Also Fuller When I Was Younger But I Slimmed Down As I Grew But Wasn’t Always Easy For Me.

I Like To Exercise And I Make Her Come On Walks With Me She Likes It, And Also We Do Loads Of Activities So I Keep Her Active As Much As I Can’ I Have To As She Has So Much Energy 🙂

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All These Pictures Are So Special For Me And Wanted To Share Them With All Of You… So As I Told You Want To Keep This Blog Post Short, Even Tough I Still End Up Talking Bit More 😉 Have More Coming Up Soon With Me And My Sunshine Kaylee.

Hope You Enjoyed Reading This Blog Post..  And I Gave You Some Ideas Maybe For You And Your Lovely Daughters!!

Just Wanted To Say To All The Mummies Out There Cherish These Special Moments Because You Will Never Get Them Back..

And To My Daughter Kaylee I Love You With All My Heart And I Am Proud Of You In Everything You Do, And I Will Always Try My Very Best For You In Everything Like I Do Everyday From My Heart.

Daniela Micallef _0072