Hey All Of You Out There Hope Your All Doing Great, I Know It’s Been A Bit Of A While Since I Did A Blog Post. I Have So Many Things I Would Like To Talk To You All About It’s Just Time Sometimes, That’s The Problem And Other Things Come First Like My Family 😉 Which Keep Me Very Busy Hehe.

Soo I Was Super Excited To Do This Blog Post, As It’s About My Lovely Sister Francesca Micallef And Me, Featuring Marco Parascandalo T-Shirts. I’m Sure A Lot Of You Have Seen This Cool T-Shirt And Also Own One Maybe, As Lately I’ve Seen A Few 😉 I’ve Had These T-Shirts For A While Now But Didn’t Wear It Yet. As Wanted To Do Shoot First!

It Was A While Ago I Discovered Parascandalo And Went Crazy When I Saw Some Of The Cool And Different Clothes He Makes :@ Especially When I Saw This ‘FAQA OHT‘ Not Just For The Reason That This Top Is Really Popular, But Those Two Words Me And My Sis Have Been Saying To Each other For Years 😉 So As Soon As I Saw These Tops I Had To Buy Them Asap.

I Didn’t Want To Style Them With Jeans, Even Tough They Look Good With Them, And Most Clothes. I Wanted To Wear Something Different 😉 This Is How I Styled Me And My Sis In Our ‘FAQA OHT‘ T-Shirts.

Daniela Micallef20180428_0048

Here We Are Me And My Oht 🙂 Love This Look With These T-Shirts, And I Also Love Socks With Heels 🙂 I know It Might Not Be Everyone’s Style. I Love Socks Got So Many Different Colors And Styles I Always Liked Them And  Also Tights.

Here Are Few More Pics With My Lovely Oht Francesca Micallef 😉

Lovee These T-Shirts So Much And They Look Good With So Many Different Clothes, I Even Think It Looks Cool Over A Blazer Or Pleated Knee Length Skirt 😉 But This Is The Look I Would Wear With The ‘FAQA OHT‘ T-Shirt.

Me And My Sis Are Really Close, Even Tough There Is Ten Years Between Us. Every Time We Can Spend Together We Try To, Even Tough We Are Both Busy Now And Times Don’t Remain The Same But We Make It A Point We See Each Other As Often As Possible! And We Are Both Always There For Each Other No Matter What.

I’m Her Personal Stylist Hehe Whenever She Needs Anything She Will Find It At Her Oht. I Love Styling Outfits For Her Some Times, Even Tough At Times She Dislikes Them, As I Am A Bit Outrageous With My Ideas And Likes Of Clothes And She Doesn’t Like Everything I Like 🙂 But I’m Quite Used To Her Now Haha. But Then Some Different Things She Won’t Mind Wearing Like This Outfit.

Daniela Micallef20180428_0045

Love All These Pics So Much, As They Will Always Be More Special Memories Together. Me And My Oht… You Know You Can Always Count On Me And I Love You Very Much. We Have Another Sister Roberta Micallef But She Lives Abroad, And Has Been For A While Now, But We Are Still Close Too And Try To See Each Other When We Can. And I Love Her With All My Heart Too And Miss Her All The Time. ( Now Lets Stop Cause I’m Gonna Cry) 😥 :*)

Big Well Done To Marco Parascandalo For This Great Collection He Did!! And I’m Super Excited To See What’s Next …Already Saw Some At Lee’s Hair Stylist And Really Liked Them. Love These Tops, And They Will Remain A Memory For Sure As We Say That A Lot, (Lol Habit) And Of This Day Of Course.. Everywhere We Go We Laugh And Have some Story To Tell And That For Me Is A Memory To Treasure xxxx

Daniela Micallef20180428_0046

Got More Exciting Things Coming Up To Show You All..                                                                And New Blog Posts  Will Try My Best To Make Time For Everything 😉                                As I Told You Earlier Have So Many Things I Wish To Share With You And I Will Lovelies I Promise xxx

Hope You Enjoyed This Blog Post And Liked How I Styled Our ‘FAQA OHT‘ T-Shirts 😉

Wanted To Also Tell You That, You Can Find Some Of Parascandalo Collection At

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Much Love To You All Xxx