Hey All You Beauties Out There Hope You All Having A Great Day So Far, It’s A Lovely Sunny Day Today Yayy I Love The Sunshine πŸ˜‰

Soo This Time I Wanted To Do A Bit Of A Different Blog Post, I Wanted To Talk To You A Bit More About Myself, Instead Of An Outfit For A Change πŸ˜‰ I Wanted To Write This Blog Post For A While Now, As I Think It’s Important That My Followers Know A Bit More Of My Background. As Sometimes You Just Have An Idea Of The Person And Not Who They Really Are πŸ™‚

I Am Not A Judgmental Person At All I Have Met So Many Different People In My Life With The Jobs I Had I Was Always Meeting Different People. Which Is Something I Love. And I Have Learned That Sometimes People Who You Think And Others Maybe Think Are Not Nice, Turn Out To Be The Best People. So I Never Judge Till I Meet Someone Myself πŸ˜‰

So A Bit About My Family πŸ™‚ My Mummy Is English And My Dad Is Maltese, So If You Hear Me Talk And Write Mostly In English It’s Because I’m So Used To Speaking In English It Is A Very Normal Thing For Me. I Didn’t Even Know How To Speak Maltese Till I Started School But I Soon Got Used To It πŸ˜‰ And Learned How To Read And Write In No Time. My Mum Still Doesn’t Tough πŸ™‚ I Am Very Close With My Mummy Always Have Been She Is Like My Best Friend We Do A Lot Together We Always Have..

A Bit About My Past Jobs, My Passion To Start Off Was Hairdressing… And It Was For Many Years. I Still Have A Passion For Hair And Love Trying New Things But Not As Much As When I Was Younger πŸ˜‰ Obviously Times Change Hehe. So My Very First Job Was When I Was Still In School I Used To Go In Afternoons At Toni & Guy In Hamrun. I Worked There For A While Then Finished School And Continued At Toni & Guy At The Hilton Malta For A While. After That I Worked For Few Years Hairdressing, But Decided To Stop As Wanted A Change, And Wage Was Never Enough When You Work With Someone Else.

So From That I Started Working In Clothes Shops And I Loved It So Much As I Always Had A Passion For Clothes And Fashion.. My Very First Clothing Store To Work In Was Very Popular At The Time And Still Is, At Diesel Valletta Malta. I Loved Working There Made Great Friends And Experience And Also Used To Leave Half My Wage There :@ But I Didn’t Care. After A Few Years Working There I Left And Started Working At Another Great Brand At The Time Called Miss Sixty Valletta πŸ™‚ Girls Of My Time For Sure Remember This Great Clothes Shop I Loved Working There Too So Much And Stayed There For Quite A While.

Was Great Experience Working There And Memories I Will Never Forget And The Friends I Made Along The Way I Was Much Younger Then And Love Experimenting With Fashion We Where Like The Trend Setters At That Time.I Loved It, Was Also A Bit Of A Crazy Party Girl When I Was Younger πŸ˜‰ Most Of Us Are No πŸ˜‰ After That I Continued Working In Clothes Shop As I Really Loved It My Third Clothes Shop Was Zara Sliema Another Great Shop To Work In I Also Loved It There And I Still Love Zara Clothes As You All Know..

I Worked In Zara For Quite A Few Years.. After That I Wanted A Total Change πŸ™‚ So I Started Working At The Casino Portomaso. Was A Bit Different There I Was A Host Serving Drinks, I Never Liked A Waitress Job But This Was Different Hard Work, But I Loved It Made Great Tips πŸ™‚ And Fantastic Friends. I Worked There For Many Years Like Seven Years And Even Bit More.I Even Worked Pregnant Till Last 2 Weeks, I Had A Great Pregnancy Felt Strong On Most Days. Was A Great Experience And I Never Really Wanted To Leave, But It Became Even Harder For Me As My Daughter Was Growing Up And Started Year One, As She Needed More Attention In School And Was Growing Up. Was Always Hard For Me To Leave Her. As She Grew Older And Understood More She Used To Get Upset Too.

But Thank God I Had My Amazing Mum To Help Me And She Used To Come Take Care Of Kaylee At Mine So I Was Always With Her, And I Worked Mostly Nights So Had Loads Of Time With Her, Just Not For Myself 😦 As A Lot Of Mum’s Know It’s Never Easy To Work Take Care Of A Home And A Kid. But I Never Minded Hard Work Doesn’t Scare Me. After That My Mum Had To Have A Minor Opp So I First Went Part Time Then Left As It Took My Mum A Long Time To Recover.

After That I Worked For Some Months At The Yue Healthier Living In Naxxar, When It Very First Opened With My Sister Francesca. I Liked It There But Wasn’t For Me, As I Told You Earlier Never Really Liked Restaurant And Waitress Jobs.

So When I Could Leave I Was Relived As Needed The Break And Time With My Daughter I Love It And Appreciate Every Min I Have With Her. As They Grow So Quickly… Who Has Kids Can Relate To This!! I Love Being A Stay At Home Parent, As You Have So Much More Time To Do Stuff You Just Only Wish To Do When You Work. So That’s Great I Love The Home And Cooking, So Always Doing Something Not Such An Easy Job But Easier Than If I Worked. I Used To Have To Still Do Stuff And Not Sleep Even At Times.

I Was Always Offered Most Jobs I Had Back As I Was Always An Honest Hard Worker Wherever I Went. And I’m Proud Of That. I’m Not A Lazy Person I’m Always On The Go Doing Something And Few Years Ago When My Family Came From The U.k They Suggested I Should Start Blogging About Fashion As They Always Knew I Love Fashion And Would Be Great For It. But I Never Thought To Much Of Myself Really And I Didn’t Think Much Of It.

Since Few Years Ago I Tried To Set Up My Own Site, But I’m Not So Great With P.c. I Know Quite A Bit More Now. So I Kind Of Gave Up At The Time Against My Heart As Really Wanted To Start Blogging About Fashion Things I Like And Do I Was Always Posting Different Outfits Anyway. I Love Travelling And Have Already Seen So Many Amazing Places Which I Have Shared A Few Already With All Of You. Then Last Year I Got The Chance And Decided To Properly Start Blogging Again Had Little Help From Friends And I Managed. I’m Bit More Advanced Now Hehe So I Don’t Have Much Problems. P.c Wise πŸ˜‰

Maybe To Some You Wondered Who The Hell I Was Suddenly Bombarding Everywhere With Posts πŸ™‚ And Wasn’t So Easy At First For Me To Connect I’ll Be Honest I’m Not Going To Hide The Truth. But I Don’t Blame You All It’s True You Didn’t Know Me Much And I Would Of Maybe Thought The Same, But The Way I See It Everyone Deserves A Chance To Do Something They Love And Always Have!! And I See Other Bloggers I Don’t Know Sometimes Struggle As They Don’t Get So Much Feedback Like I Was In The Beginning, And I’m Always First To Like As It’s Kind Of Like Support Even When You Don’t Know That Person This Is How I Am. I Don’t Only Like People That Everyone Else Does. I Try And See The Good In Everyone And Give Everyone A Chance Why Not..

I Think I Maybe Even Inspired People To Also Start Blogging Themselves, As I Have Seen. Maybe They Never Had To Courage Before. So That’s Great. All I Want Is To Share My Ideas With All Of You Ladies. I’m Enjoying Blogging Thought It Would Be Easy But It’s Not So Much Takes Up A Bit Of My Time But I Love To Do It. Plus I Always Make Sure I Make Time For Everything Else. Blogging Is Not Only Showing Your Outfits It’s About Expressing Yourself In Your Outfits Daily Routine And Reviews On Products I Use.

All Bloggers Have Their Own Ideas To Share, This Should Not Be A Competition But More Like A Chance To Let The World See Our Ideas And Different Styles. Cause We Are All Unique In Our Special Ways And All Have Our Insecurities. And We Should Always Build Each other Up Not Tear Each Other Down πŸ˜‰ I’m Excited For What Is Next In My Blogging Experience And Not Going To Give Up So Fast This Time.

I’m Happy With How My Page Is Going Now, I Had A Bit Of A Hard Time To Reach Out To You All In The Beginning But I Think I Finally Am :@ And It Makes Me So Happy..

I’m Also Excited For All The Bloggers I Might Meet Along The Way, And Happy I Have Already Met A Few, And Already Know A Few.. I Know This Blog Post Was A Long One But It Was Very Important For Me To Share It With You All. As I Wanted You All To Know A Bit More About Me Not Just My Outfits πŸ˜‰ Wanted To Be Real And Honest Like I Always Have Been With You All. I Don’tΒ  Consider Myself Perfect Actually Not At All, Few Things I Would Change About Myself But Learned To Love Myself Just The Way I Am.

Better Stop Here… Thanks So So Much To Whoever Took The Time To Read This Blog It Will Mean A Lot To Me…. I Know It Really Long And Had To Leave Stuff Out As We’ll Be Here All Day Lol But What I Really Wanted To Say To You I Did;) Thanks To All Of You That Are Always There For Me And Help Me You Know Who You Are… I Love You All So Much And So Grateful Your In My Life..

Good Luck To Everyone That Wants To Start Something They Have Always Dreamed Of..

More Exciting Things Coming Soon Beauties!!!

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