Helloo Again To All Of You, Hope You All Had A Great Week 😉                                                    Wanted To Quickly Tell You All My Review On Some Products That I Had Tried Some Samples Of A Few Weeks Ago, And I Loved Them So Much That I Decided To Purchase A Few Of My Favorites.

As I Had Told You Before I Use Decleor Products On My Face. But As I Told You All In Past Blogs I Like To Change Every Now And Again. It’s Also Good For Face To Do That, As I Heard And Read Before.

My Favorite From The THALGO Products Where, The Gentle Purifying Gel And The Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Masks. Below I’m Going To Show You A Picture Of Them And Why I Like Them.



I loved This THALGO Purifying Cleaning Gel Wash, As I like To Change And Give My Face A Wash With Water Also Giving It That Fresh Feeling, And To Give A little Extra Cleanse To The Skin. You Could Cleanse Again With Your Cleansing Milk, But I Just Toned Face After And My Skin Felt Great. Also I Tried It Another Time With My Make-up On And It Removed It All For Me I Was Amazed, As Usually Certain Face Washed Don’t Remove All Make-Up. When I Toned After Cotton Wool Was Clean:@

And Second THALGO Product That Are My Very Favorite, The  Hyaluronic Eye-Patch Masks. I Really Loved These And Will Definitely Recommend Them. Probably Most Of You Are Like Me And Don’t Get Much Time To Rest. After Using These Eye-Masks My Eyes Felt So Refreshed, I Couldn’t Believe It. They Come In Separate Sachets And There Is Quite A Few In The Box. I Will Show You One Opened Also To Give You An Idea How They Are.

I Am Going To Show You Below An Idea Of How They Look…


As You Can See From The Picture That They Are Really Moist. I Applied Them Underneath My Eyes Left Them For Ten Minutes And I Removed. Loved How Under My Eyes Felt After. I Will Definitely Keep Using These For A While.

I Am Very Conscious Of My Skin And Ageing, Especially Now That I Actually Am Growing ;@ I Have Always Tried To Take Care Of My Skin Maybe Not As Much When I was Younger But I Always Cleaned my face from make-up And Tried To Keep Up With My Facials When I Could.

So Here Are A Few Pictures Of Me Totally Bare Face 🙂 As You Cannot See Clearly With Make-up, When I Do My Beauty Blogs I Like To Show You Real Thing, As In My Previous Blogs I Was Always Bare Face.  My Face Has Been Cleansed Before This With The THALGO Cleansing Gel Wash. I Don’t Want To Cheat Any Of You By Not Showing You Exactly How My Skin Looked After Cleansing Wash, And How The Eye-Masks Look When They Are On 😉

This Is Me Totally Bare Face With Eye-Patches On 😉 You Can’t Really See Them As They Are Moist But When They Dry They Turn White. I Leave Them As Much As I Can On, As Under My Eyes Really Feel And Look Better After.

Was Hard And Not Really To Put Pictures Of Me Bare Face, As First Of All This Is Me And Don’t Really Want To Be Anything Different. And Especially Not To Fool All Of You Who Are Reading This And Follow My Blogs.

And Second Of All As Much As I LOVE Make-Up, I Love Being Without Sometimes Also. To Give My Skin A Break. I Don’t Really Overdo My Make-Up Depends On Occasion, But I Feel Scruffy When I Don’t At Least Put A Bit Of Make-Up On :)) That’s Me (Pacenzja).

I Really Hope You Enjoyed This Blog And Found It Useful. You Can’t Really Tell Without Trying Them Out, And I Didn’t Write This Blog To Make You Buy The Products.                     I Just Really Gave You My Honest Opinion On What I Think About These Products.

If You Do Maybe Want To Give Them A Try You Will Find All Range Of THALGO Products At Beauty Techniques By Lourdes. Prices Are Also Very Good..

Thanks So Much For Taking Your Time To Read My Blogs!!!

More Exciting Things Very Soon 🙂

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