Hey All You Beauties Out There, Hope Your All Having A Great Day So Far.                            So Today I Woke Up With A Feeling To Share With You All A Bit How I Spend My Days And What I do 🙂 Mmm Where To Even Start..

Well Who Is A Mama Just Like Me Can Say That Everyday Is Unpredictable When You Have Kids, As You Never Know What The Day Will Bring. Anyway For Me It’s Like That.. As How I Plan My Day Always Seems To Change, But I Always Manage Somehow To Do What I Have Planned. Yess I Do Get Myself Overtired Most Days But That’s Me. Always Want To Do It Today 🙂

You Might Think I’m Crazy, But I Wake Up Everyday On A School Day At 5 In The Morning. Too Early I Know But I Like It This Way As I’m Not Such A Morning Person, So I Like Having My Time To Wake Up :)Then I Need To Make Lunch And Prepare Breakfast. My Daughter Starts School At 7.30 And It’s Still Always A Mad Rush In The Mornings.

My Daughter Isn’t Such An Easy One To Wake Up No Matter What Time She Sleeps. I Always Leave Enough Time For Myself In The Morning, I Don’t Take Ages To Choose My Outfit But Some Days I Have My Like Nothing Days…

I Always Say I’ll Find My Outfit A Day Before But That Never Happens Cause I Change My Mind Anyway 🙂 Hey Don’t Think I Stay Planning For Too Long Tough Hehe Believe me, My Daughter Calls Me 100 Times In Between The Time I’m Getting Ready In The Morning…Do This Mummy Do That I Forgot This Waaa Some Days I Already Feel Tired In The Morning LOL. I Know Most Mummy’s Are Like Me. And It’s Not Always Easy But We Always Manage Somehow  GIRL POWER…

Then Usually I Come Back Home And Start My Day Washing, Clothes Preparing Food And So Much More 🙂 I Love The Home Also I’m A Clean Freak Hehe Yep I Am, I Always Want Everything Neat And Tidy, Well What Can I Say I’m A Virgo 🙂

I Love Candles And Everything That Smells Nice I’m Obsessed.. You’ll Always See Me In The Candle Section In A Home Shop 😉 True I’m A Neat Freak But Don’t Think My Home Stays Neat For So Long Hehe!! There Is Always Something To Do… Gonna Show You Pic Of A Part Of My Room To Show You A Bit What Style I Like In The Home..


That Is Why We Deserve To Go Spoil Ourselves Every Now And Again Getting Some New Stuff Anyway It’s One Of Most Things That Cheers Me Up On Long Weeks. Usually Then We Do Usual Routine Of Doing H.W. Which Usually The Work Of 1 Hr Ends Up Being 3 Hrs With My Daughter :0 As She Wants A Break Every Half Hour.

Then We Do Our Studying, And Eat. Depends What Days Not Always The Same This Is On One Of My Very Basic Days 🙂 As I Always Need To Run Around For One Thing Or Another Like Most Mummy’s I’m Sure.

So I’m Opening Up A Bit More To You All Now, True Most Of You Don’t Even Know Me And This Is My Aim Now I Want You All To Get To Know Me A Bit More, And See A Bit How I Really Am Then Maybe How You Would Think I Am 🙂

Starting My Blog In The Beginning Of July Was A Great And Exciting Time For Me. As I Had Already Tried To Do A Proper Fashion Blog Before But There Was Few Tricky P.C Stuff I Didn’t Really Understand At The Time, So I kinda Gave Up Against My Heart. So I Was Given Another Opportunity To Start My Blog And Page Again And Haven’t Stopped Since:) I Love Doing It And Won’t Give Up. Some Days I Wonder If It’s Worth The Trouble And Time Tough, As Most People Might Think It’s Just Taking Some Pics But It’s So Much More Than That. I Take Up A lot Of Time Sometimes Trying Products, Writing reviews and Blogs. But I Love It I Always Manage To Sort Every Thing At Home Before Anything and Obviously With My Lovely Family. That Is Very Important For Me.

I Also Spend A Lot Of Time With My Daughter She Mostly Comes Everywhere With Me, I Try To Spend As Much Time As I Can With Her.As You All Know Who Has Kids That They Grow Up So Fast. We’re Always Inventing New Things Together. Yesterday She Wanted Me To Help Her Set Her Barbie House Again Cause As Usual She Messed It Up Then Wants Mummy To Sort It, She Said Mummy Gets Them Looking The Best 🙂 Will Show You Pic Below 😉


I Worked In Some Of The Best Retail Shops There Is For Years And I Loved It. But Will Talk To You More About That In The Coming Blogs. Think I Already Said Enough And Maybe Bored You Out 😉 But That Is How I Spend One Of My Basic Days 😉 I Also Have  New Challenges With Myself That I Wish To Share With You.

This Was A Bit Of How I Spend My Day Pretty Normal 😉 And Some Days Crazier Than Others.. 🙂 But Wouldn’t Change It For The World. I’m Grateful With All I Have And Excited For What Is Coming In My Future 😉

So Keep Following Me For More Fashion & Beauty Tips And Styles I Like.

Thanks To Everyone That Takes The Time To Read My Blog xx