Hi Dolls, Hope you are all having a good day so far 😉 So this time I’m a bit quick on doing another blog post but I wanted to show you all the amazing products and gifts                 The Body Shop Malta have in stock at the moment before It’s too late 🙂 As you all know nice things always go first 🙂

So I got together with The Body Shop Malta which i was very excited about. I got invited to there shop in PAMA Shopping Village, Mosta to view some of there great Christmas gifts and products and the great concept they are doing this year Play for peace which i will be mentioning also. And now i’m excited to show all of you 🙂

Soo I’m going to start with there famous Christmas Calendar, This is just out of this world I loved It so much was so tempted but didn’t as I already purchased A few stuff just A few…. Which i will also be showing you 😉

Just love It, And It’s A new bigger version of what they originally had. It’s definitely worth it girls lovely salesgirl gave me a sneak peak of things inside and i was shocked of how lovely they where.

Next I’m going to show you There pink Christmas collection and gifts. I’m sure it wont be difficult picking out a gift 🙂

Everything Is so nice and colorful I wanted everything Haha. That cute pot above Is A  shimmering dust and It’s amazing, And I didn’t buy It ;/ Always sry after… I put other pic smaller as stuff are similar to big pic but in pink 🙂

Next up are the lovely gift boxes and packaging they have It’s always so nice…

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There is so many cute things to choose from. I did you A slideshow so you could see items better.

Now I wanted to tell you about the great concept The Body Shop Malta are doing and it made me even happier to purchase products from there. A small amount of every purchase goes to helping refugee children to be children again with there game-changing seasonal gift collection.

This is such a great thing well done.

And last but not least I wanted to show you another interesting and different thing there NEW YEAR calendar yesss I know now we also have one for new year yayy 🙂


This is it lovelies 🙂 Just amazing!! Now we can have a calendar till New Year also;) Greatt..Hurry they won’t be there for long I’m sure. I’m definitely going back for one!!

Soo as I promised you earlier I’m going to show you few bits I got 🙂


Here you go a few of The Body Shop Malta Great products. Love there xmas stuff I always end up getting something haha how can you not 🙂 That round bottle is A shimmering body mist and it smells amazing I got the body lotion of that also It’s The Vanilla Acai. A sml strawberry body wash Some festive soaps, contouring brush, Foundation,Concealer and a sml eye shadow.

So hope you enjoyed my blog and it was useful to some of you!!                                                Thanks so much to all of you who take interest in reading my blog much appreciated…

Thanks Again To The Body Shop Malta for the invite to visit there great store in the   PAMA Shopping Village, Mosta. And to the friendly staff that showed me products and talked me into stuff well done. Enjoyed every minute:)