Hey girls, Hope your all doing fine 😉 So it’s been a little while now since i did a blog, And been thinking about writing this blog about shirts for a while, As I LOVE SHIRTS.

So i want to show you different ways i like to wear my shirts. Shirts can be worn in so many different ways they can be casual for everyday wear, And also can be really smart and dressy. There is so many lovely shirts around. The one i have on in picture i am featuring is one of my favorites from  River Island 😉

I’m going to show you few pictures of casual ways i wore my shirts.


These are four of my latest casual shirts, just pale blue one is from last season and its from Zara 🙂 Had to pick only four as too much to show 🙂

First one is from Stradivarious has pearls on the top part of it, I love it as i love pearls also 😉 I’m sure most of you do… And so many cute things lately have pearls on them loveee 🙂 Second one is from Zara Malta it’s a bit of a longer shirt,  And i wore it with my skinny jeans. And third one is also from Stradivarious, and i wore it with a jumper over it which i like to do.

Next I’m going to show you few more pictures of smarter ways to wear shirts.

IMG_1172[1]            IMG_5740[1]      IMG_5661                                             IMG_6120

These are few smarter ways i like to wear my shirts. I know most of them are with jeans but i also like to wear skirts and leather trousers with my shirts 😉

First one I’m wearing is Ralph Lauren white plain shirt, and i put a suede waistcoat over it which i love as i have matching shoes both River Island. Got them a while ago but still love them.

Second one is from H&M and i put blazer over it like that look also. Third one is a denim shirt with frilled sleeves and neck which is from Zara Malta, And i wore it with leather trousers.

And third one is from Stradivarious it’s material is chiffon so a bit see trough which is ok 😉 but this time i wore it with a leather pullover over it.

To end off my blog for today “as i don’t stop talking haha” I would like to show you four shirts that i got recently. I love them also 🙂

Here they are four of my favs at the moment, Three of them are from Zara Malta accept the grey one,  Which is from Stradivarious. PEARLS..PEARLS..PEARLS.

Hope you lovelies out there enjoyed reading my blog and found it useful 😉

Keep following for more fashion and beauty tips.. I know that prob not everyone is my style and that’s perfectly fine, keep shining in your own special ways xxxx