Hey Y’All out there hope your having a great day so far… So i wanted to write a quick blog about leather Jackets, which will be season for them real soon, But surely not yet its still soo hottt. Where are you winter 😉

One of my favorite jackets is a black leather one from Riverisland which it’s the forth year i have had it now and i still love it. I noticed that it seems to be River Island classic leather jacket, as they get similar to it every year.

Below i  going to show u few pics of diff ways i wore jacket. Some are still when i had my fringe;) It also has a fur collar to it which you can take off.


Haha they had to be 3 lift selfies 🙂 I also like my leather jackets with dresses they go with so much stuff. Below is a pic of my 2 favorite leather jackets. The light pink is recent one i got from zaralondon. And the other is one i showed earlier from RiverIsland.


So i hope you enjoyed my blog on leather jackets 😉 will be showing you much more on leather items soon as i love leather… So hurry up cold weather so we can start wearing our leather ;)xxxxxx