Hey all of you beautiful people out there 🙂 I wanted to share with you this great experience i had when i went to DISNEY WORLD FLORIDA.

It was always my dream to go when i was young, like all kids I’m sure 🙂 Never went when i was younger…. But a year ago i went with my family and it was truly magical!

You don’t need to be young to go there it’s fun for all ages.  My daughter was in heaven 😉 And so where we!

We were like young kids again,it truly was a dream come true…..


Above is me and my daughter in our matching outfits :@ This is when we met princess Sophia.. she was so lovely and one of our favourites.. Disney world is so big full of rides for all ages and loads of stuff to do – one will surely never get bored  🙂

We were always on some different ride. Hollywood studios was also amazing … And sp were the parks which are all around the area of animal kingdom, sea world and so many more.


Don’t want to leave out the lovely little shops i saw which have so much stuff for kids and adults 🙂 I went into this super cute boutique which sold Minnie and Mickey accessories for grown ups which I found to be  so original and cute.


And last thing i wanted to show you guys is a cute Disney related item which I did not get from Disney World … but from my recent holiday in Barcelona.


Beauty and the beast chip – it’s a little pocket .. i think its adorable i loved it!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience.  Kept it quite short as had too much to say 🙂 Hope you all have a great day xx