Hey all of you out there i just wanted to share my experience with you all on how my body changed since i have been doing Pilates. I am a proud mama 😉 so after i had my daughter my body changed a bit like probably most mums out there. Few years after i started Pilates best choice i made, i saw a big difference in a few months. They say pilates is easy as it looks easy but its not its all about control and and using your inner strength.

IMG_8482As my Pilates teacher always says “You are only as young as your spine is flexible”


When i had first started i used to get really frustrated at myself as i could not do certain exercises…. but i never gave up i kept trying and got even better by time!! No matter what your age is if you work at it and keep it up you can do it….                                            So  to all of you out there don’t give up you are stronger than you think 😉